NYC Instagrammable Places for Valentine’s Day Photoshoots

Happy Valentine’s Day

No matter how over-commercialized this holiday is, lets face it, Valentine’s Day in today’s society is that one day where a lot of people express their affection for another using greetings, gestures, and (the best part) gifts!  Well over 145 million cards will be exchanged. Well over 30 million flowers will be sold.  Not to mention the obscene amount of jewelry and luxury items recipients will be thrilled to see today!  Well, this post is for all whom may want to capture the love and essence of today’s holiday, living in NYC of course.  Here are my NYC Instagrammable Places for Valentine’s Day Photoshoots.

“Rose Elevator”

Check out this new art installation at Brooklyn’s own Industry City.  Who would expect to find something so beautiful in an elevator?!

The “love, love, love” wall by HEKTAD

I accidentally came across this beautiful mural in Brooklyn a few nights ago.  The art work glows and brightens up what is actually a pretty low-key area.  You can find this on the corner of Grand Avenue and Dean Street.

“Be Mine” by Jason Naylor

This mural screams Happy Valentine’s Day !  It was made just for this special day.  Get up and out with your loved one and make the best out this photo-op before its too late!  Find this gem at 146 Hester Street.

“Sunday Kind Of Love” by Efdot

I simply adore this mural for more reasons than one.  For starters, this font is so me!  The saying “Sunday Kind Of love” is a gentle ode to the popular Etta James song A Sunday Kind of Love.  The song where Etta belts out a melody speaking to her wants of a love, a love that lasts past a Saturday night.  Located on 17th Street and Union Square West.





  1. “Love”everything about this post! I’m just into all holidays… but V-Day is definitely in my top 3. Thanks for sharing these amazing photo ops! ❤

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