My Trip to Santorini, Greece

“I Travel Not To Go Anywhere, But To Go.”

Robert Louis Stevenson, who infamously wrote travel novels, had me in mind when he came up with this quote.  I don’t know if it is just me, or my Sagittarius ways, or a combination of both, but travel has really become my favorite thing to do.  To see “you’re booked” across my computer screen gives me the same joy or more as a person who’s exhilarated  to see “your order has shipped” across their screen.  Just imagining a new place, new culture, new sights, and more is so whimsical and worth seeking after.  My eagerness to always satisfy my travel life led me to Santorini, Greece!

“I Swear I’ve Been On This Flight Like A Month Right Now.”

Let me begin with the travel to get to Santorini.  I travel, but this was, by far, my furthest destination to date.  From New York to Santorini is at minimum, 10 hours flying time.  For me, this meant a 7 hour flight from New York to Heathrow, London.  At Heathrow, London a connecting flight awaits and another 4 hour flight takes me to my final destination.  Both flights went swell, kudos to American Airlines and British Airways but long is an understatement.  I would go to sleep feeling as if all the time in the world was passing by, but wake up to the realization of it only being an hour that passed.  Let’s just say my anxiety was at an all time high.  I definitely had a few Kristen Wiig, plays Annie in Bridesmaids, moments roaming the plane.  On the upside, I had the best sea salt caramel bar during the flight by Sweet Sofia’s Bakery.  It was so good, I spent some time during the trip locating where to buy them once I return home, no luck.

“She Just Wanna See The Best In Greece.”

Arriving in Santorini, Greece was breath taking.  The sun was out, the air was fresh, everything was so chill.  Not overpopulated or noisy, just right.  The people are so welcoming and laid back.  No one looks stressed in Greece, what a difference from being back in NYC.  With a few things planned in advance and a lot unplanned, we covered plenty ground.

Greece Airport


When visiting Greece, the Black Sand beaches are a must.  I really had no idea, I’d be lounging where Joe professed his sexipades in “Things Your Man Won’t Do”.  The entire beach is covered with glistening black sand and clear waters.  Not only is Greece known for their Black Sand beaches but also for their White Sand and Red Sand as well.  The beauty of the beaches made it strikingly hard for me to leave.  One day out of the vacation was spent entirely on the beach.  It was relaxing and amazing to say the least.



We spent a day out at sea on a catamaran, taking in all the breathtaking views of Santorini and the ocean.  While out at sea, we savored a few Greece dishes prepared by the crew’s chef.  The best food I had the entire trip was on the catamaran.  Ok, it was a tough tie between this and the gyros, of course. The menu included seafood, chicken, and sausages with sides that included a traditional Greek salad.  The waters, although having a few rough patches, were calming and welcoming for leisure.  I initially did not dare to entertain getting in the water  but the true adventurer in me just had to try it out and I succeeded, all five minutes worth, lol.



Santorini is very much so the more relaxed part of Greece.  Yes, there is a night life but during the day its very serene.  I enjoyed my days at the beach and poolside at my resort.  I enjoyed the convenience of all the eateries within walking distance.  It felt nostalgic to wake every morning, throw on a sun dress and sun hat, grab my reading book of choice and head to the local cafe and dine for breakfast with a view.  This trip was the closest I’ve had to a Julia Roberts Eat, Pray, Love moment.  I hope to have many many more to come.  I tasted just about every gyro Santorini had to offer.  They were great, of course. I prefer, no red onions.  I spent nights dining in Oia, the most romantic part of Santorini.  Maybe even, the most romantic I’ve ever seen and I am a die hard romantic.  I rode a moped through Thira with not a care in the world.  Travel really gives me life.  I become like a kid in a candy store when it comes to booking a trip.  At the beginning of 2019 I did not foresee myself going to Greece.  So glad, I was able to go.  I am very grateful to have yet another dreamy destination stamped in my passport and forever in my thoughts to return to.  XOXO



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