My Trip To St. Maarten

“Plane ticket is the answer.  Who cares what the question is.”

I recently traveled to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.  I heard so much about the island, it’s sights, food, people, etc.  Nothing before hand really prepared me for the amazing stay I experienced.  Not because people hadn’t told me this would be a great time but I really had a great time!  As a person who has been a few places, (don’t get me wrong, I am no Carmen SanDiego or some IG chick who you can’t keep up with because she’s jumping from one place on the earth to another and your left home to wonder ‘how does she do it’ *inserts curiosity emoji*), there aren’t many places I can say has all check marks on what I consider to be a perfect destination.  St. Maarten really met all of my necessary standards.  The views of the beautiful water you’re surrounded by.  The greenery and rich earthiness of the land and architecture.  The wonderful people, who unlike other places that also rely on tourism, were just themselves and made it so easy for us to blend right in.  The food, in which, I have not one complaint about anything I ate.  The weather, a perfect blend of sun and clouds making sure I got a tan but not too overwhelming.  The calmness of the island which made for the most relaxing vacation I’ve had so far.  Here’s a recap of my delightful stay in St. Maarten.

“Sleepin’ in a Villa”

St. Maarten is known as “the friendly island”, a caribbean paradise split between two sides: The Dutch and The French.  We resided on The Dutch side.  Here’s a look at the views and the villa.


 “A Girl’s Gotta Eat”

Is it just me, or is the first thought when getting off a plane, “Where is the food?”  It could have much to do with the very little airlines feed you on the plane, when growing up I remember the times when you’d get an entire meal.  Yeah, I’m that old. Not saying it was the best meal you’d ever have either, but it was better than sky high flight prices and only being served Doritos or Lotus Biscoff cookies.

Once we arrived and settled in, lunch was first priority.  We ended up eating at Bigwood.  One of many restaurants located on the Boardwalk.  Just a heads up, you cannot get to the Boardwalk at the time we did (after 3 p.m.) and expect to find much still open.  Majority of the restaurants were closing for the day.  Bigwood staff was nice enough to keep their kitchen open for us, last minute.


“French Side Dutch Side, It Don’t Matter”

Although staying on the Dutch side, it was only right we go visit the French side as well.  It only took us 15 minutes to go from one to the other.  We stopped at Mullet Bay Beach to enjoy the views and beautiful water.


“See, I Was In Anguilla”

We spent an entire day in Anguilla, while visiting St. Maarten.  We took a ferry with Calypso Charters.  Although a ferry, it was more catamaran style.  The duration of travel was no more than 30 minutes.  We laid on Rendezvous Bay Beach all day while enjoying great food and drinks from SunShine Shack, a conveniently placed beach bar.  Drinks included rum punch and something the bartender calls “Just In Time” named after himself, Justin.  The food included BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Broiled Snapper, Seasoned Rice, Plantains, and more.  The beach was the best of all the beaches we experienced with clear blue waters and white sands.


If you’re ever considering St. Maarten, you will not be disappointed! XoXo




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