My Top 5 Mantras To Live By!

“Find a mantra and use it to find the clarity you crave.”

I can’t remember when I first fell in love with mantra’s but it totally changed my perspective on life.  A mantra is defined as an affirmation to motivate and inspire you to be your better self.  It’s purpose is to provide motivation and encouragement to you when you need to focus your mind to achieve a goal.  Now, I am not a professional yoga instructor nor am I the Dalai Lama but I am here to tell you how life changing a simple mantra can mean for you, your journey through life, or just something you’re wanting to accomplish.  Here are my top five mantra’s I live by!

“Stay focused”

As simple as this mantra may seem, it is probably the one I use most.  This is because it can pertain to so many aspects in life.  I say this to myself at work, as I drift from expense reports to to see what pair of shoes just came in.  I say this to myself at the gym, when I’m sore and just want to run out of there.  I say this whenever I need that wake up call to get back on track and it works, like a charm.

“Positive vibes only”

This one needs no introduction as I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere.  Yet, for good reasoning.  Yes, life isn’t and won’t always be perfect all the time.  Yes, that annoying co-worker will get on your last nerves when it is the last thing you need at the moment.  Yes, you will get cut off in traffic by someone who clearly doesn’t know how to drive.  Yes, you will get that “hey bighead” text from your ex.  These type of occurrences is when you have to remind yourself to remain in your positive zone.  It is sure to keep your mood, sometimes even your sanity, in check.

“You got this”

I’ve had some very life changing recent years.  I’ve accomplished some huge goals and are always setting new ones.  Repeating to myself “you got this” has seen me to the finish line every time.  Whether it’s an interview for the promotion you’ve been wanting,  a work presentation in front of the entire firm, or you may be coming out of your comfort zone to spread your wings.  This mantra is a simple boost of confidence to remind yourself nothing is to get in the way of your mission.

“Bad day not a bad life”

Everyone has a bad day every once in a while.  I’m talking about one of those Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad days (if you couldn’t tell before, you probably can now, I am a mom).  One of those, came out to your car, heading to work, and you have a flat tire days.  Missed your flight because you over slept days.  The list can go on and on because life is just filled with so many of these days.  Yet, I encourage you not to dwell in the moment of feeling like this one day surpasses all.  Always keep in mind, tomorrow is another day.  Another chance for life to make up for yesterdays misfortunes.  Seize it.

“Cherish the day”

Life has so many expectancies.  Some good, some bad, some expected, some not so planned.  All in all, you should arise each morning welcoming the day as it is yours.  We can’t change yesterday and we don’t know what can happen tomorrow but always face what you do have within the day.  24 hours are yours to make a difference, to make a change in the positive direction, to right a wrong, to take the leap, to say no, to say yes, to make the call, to take the trip, to forgive, to apologize, to simply cherish because some didn’t wake up with the same opportunity and this is the highest form of gratitude.


Find the mantra that speaks to your soul! XoXo


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